Amazing results on tomatoes in Costa Rica

Location: Naranjo, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Farm: Chicago farm, Carrot Export company

Crop: tomatoes, variety Turrialba

Application done through drip fertigation.

Agronomist: Elizabeth Moreno

Demo field trial with CaTs® and MagThio® on tomato crops


CaTs® and MagThio® liquid fertilizers are being applied through the crop cycle since sowing up to harvest. The effect of both are being compared to the commercial management with gypsum and magnesium sulfate which are completely replaced by CaTs® and MagThio® in the areas treated with them.

Petiole sap extract measurements and foliar analysis were made, both showed showing higher concentration of calcium and magnesium in the tissues from the areas treated with thiosulfates than in the control areas.

At harvest, plants treated with CaTs® and MagThio® showed 20% more weight per fruit, 18% more fruit firmness and 2% more Brix in comparison with fruit from plants treated with the farm management.

CaTs® and MagThio® applications adequately supply calcium and magnesium demands of the tomato variety despite less total input of element to the crop. In addition, they have a positive effect on the absorption of nutrients, weight and quality of the fruits.