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Onion growers are experiencing the benefits of thiosulfates

Essential nutrients and a profitable solution for saline soils and hard water problems.

​In the Valley of Guaymas, Sonora (Mexico), soils are characterized by various problems including salts, alkaline pH, and the hard-well water with high sodium content. Due to these issues, the use of thiosulfates as a soil conditioner is recommended as a starting point for the soil amendment plan, as well as for realizing a balanced nutrition plan that guarantees the achievement of good onion crop.

When walking the fields around the onion crops, it was confirmed that an appropriate recommendation in each of the crop stages had turned into excellent results, which can be seen in terms of both better-quality onions and higher yields. Fernando Campillo, the grower, walked the fields with Ricardo Rodríguez, the distributor's consultant, and two of our Tessenderlo Kerley colleagues: Guadalupe Muñoz, Agronomy Manager Northwest region, and Aubier Ortiz, Area Manager Sonora South.

According to the soil and well water analysis, the use of different liquid fertilizers in each of the crop stages was recommended:

Thio-Sul® was recommended during the first stage, as the starting point for the amendment plan because this product moves salts and lowers the soil pH.  

CaTs® is recommended, at a different dosage, in every crop stage given that it provides highly assimilable liquid calcium that increases the firmness of the onions.

MagThio® is recommended during the growing stages of the onions as highly assimilable liquid magnesium increases chlorophyll content and improves the size and taste of the onions.

KTS® is suggested during the growing stage of the bulbs because liquid potassium improves resistance to hydric stress, fosters the uniform growth of the plants, and increases firmness.

The four liquid fertilizers are thiosulfates that are fed on a weekly basis through the irrigation system. They supply essential nutrients, improve the soil structure, increase water filtration, and solubilize nutrients blocked in the soil.

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