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SoluPotasse®: Best-in-Class

SoluPotasse is the best-in-class, water-soluble grade of SOP providing highly soluble forms of potassium and sulfur. The fine white powder dissolves more rapidly than other SOP fertilizers, resulting in excellent purity and complete solubility. SoluPotasse is the soluble SOP for fertigation and NPK soluble mixes. We distribute SoluPotasse worldwide in 25 kg and 1.2 ton bags.


  • Helps lower pH level at the root surface in alkaline and salt-affected soils
  • Improves availability of phosphorus, iron and other micronutrients
  • No residue
  • Lowest salt index which means it is well-suited for application in areas at risk of salinity
  • Compatible with large variety of other crop nutrition solutions
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