MagThio® is is a clear, neutral to slightly acidic, chloride-free fertilizer, containing 4% magnesium (Mg w/w) and 10% sulfur (S w/w). A liter of MagThio® contains 50 grams of magnesium (Mg) and 125 grams of sulfur (S) in the thiosulfate form. It can be used in a wide variety of crops.


  • Delivers magnesium, the central constituent of the chlorophyll, in a chloride and nitrate free form
  • Improves cell structure and plant strength
  • Aids in protein and carbohydrate synthesis
  • Participates in the activation of enzymes necessary for good plant development
  • Provides quickly available and extended release sulfur
  • Improves phosphorus and micronutrient availability and uptake by the crop

MagThio® may be applied by drip, micro-sprinkler, sprinkler, flood irrigation, pivot system, surface broadcast, banded or watered in. It may be blended with other fertilizers, or applied as a foliar treatment on selected crops. MagThio is the ideal solution for providing both magnesium and sulfur in a readily available liquid form to crops. 

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