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Recommendations for use GranuPotasse®

Recommendations for use GranuPotasse®
HIGH-GRADE Granular SOP for SOIL application

A minimum 50% K2O (41% K) and 45% SO3 (18% S) content supplying a very high concentration of nutrients.



  • GranuPotasse is suitable for blending with other fertilizers, including ammonium nitrate, urea, DAP, and TSP. Combined with one or two other components, it offers a wide range of formulae, providing the grower with a fertilizer that is tailored to the specific needs of each crop and local soil conditions.


  • GranuPotasse has a spreading range of up to 28 m.


  • The application of GranuPotasse will depend on a variety of factors.
  • For annual crops, GranuPotasse should be applied pre‐planting with soil incorporation, although a pre‐emergence broadcast application after sowing is also possible.
  • In perennial crops, GranuPotasse is either soil incorporated prior to planting or applied annually as a basal dressing, preferably along the row for hedge fruit crops or below canopy for others.
  • For crops with a high potash requirement, split applications of GranuPotasse are recommended.

The above application rates assume all the crop’s potassium fertilizer requirement will be supplied as GranuPotasse.

Actual doses of GranuPotasse required will depend on local growing conditions including, but not limited to: soil type and potash content; crop variety; target yield, etc. The use of tissue and soil analysis to determine crop and soil potash status is recommended.

Post-emergence application of GranuPotasse is not recommended in any crops (particularly leafy vegetables) where there is a risk of granules remaining on the leaf surface for an extended period of time.

For crop specific details consult the application guide.

Product unsuitable for human and animal consumption. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Transport: Use only suitable vehicles – product must always remain covered during transport, avoiding contact with other chemical products and foods, especially fuels. If necessary, refer to the safety data sheet.

Store GranuPotasse in dry, well ventilated conditions, avoiding extreme heat or cold.


For more information contact:  Tessenderlo Kerley International, part of Tessenderlo Group, Troonstraat 130 - 1050 Brussels, Belgium

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While every care has been taken to ensure that the information here is correct at the time of publication, Tessenderlo Group can neither give any guarantee as to its accuracy nor accept any liability resulting from its use. If in any doubt consult a qualified agronomist. GranuPotasse® is a registered trademark of Tessenderlo Group NV/SA.