KTS on potatoes

Higher yields realized when applying foliar KTS® on potato crops

The application of fertilizer sources to the foliage in potato crops as a complement to soil fertilization is a common practice that is carried out during its production to increase yield and improve quality.

Potato cultivation demands a high availability of potassium, mainly during tuberization and tuber development, which is a stage characterized by a high accumulation of carbohydrates in the tubers in a short period of time. This phase is critical as it determines the final performance and quality of the product.

In this stage, the demand for potassium is high and there must be a high availability of this nutrient to ensure the mobilization of nutrients to the tuber and optimize filling. It is at this crop stage that an adequate and efficient fertilizer source applied to the foliage can improve potassium availability.

In various different field tests, it has been observed that the yield and the quality of the harvested potatoes are improved by applying foliar sprays of the KTS® (potassium thiosulfate) liquid fertilizer on the potato crop.

This effect was confirmed in a trial carried out in Zarcero, Costa Rica, during 2020 on the “Única” potato variety. In this trial, foliar applications of KTS® increased the yield between 52 -63%, depending on the dose applied.

The use of the KTS® liquid fertilizer for foliar sprays results in a cost-effective and profitable option for potato growers, thanks to the increase in crop productivity that it delivers.

The foliar sprays of KTS® increase both the yield and the foliar content of potassium (K) and sulfur (S) in potato plants, generating a better nutritional condition for the plant.

  • The concentrated liquid form is ideal for applications in foliar sprays with low water volumes and large areas.
  • Potassium, in the thiosulfate form, is taken up rapidly by the leaves.
  • KTS® is a highly assimilable and efficient source of potassium that helps to ensure crop yields are maximized.
  • Foliar performance is enhanced in combination with N-Sure®, which is Tessenderlo Kerley’s foliar nitrogen fertilizer.


Yield graph
KTS on potatoes
KTS on potatoes