Pecan nuts and the increase of yield using thiosulfates

The application of liquid fertilizers in the nutrition plan and soil   

A three-year agronomic trial has demonstrated that Thio-Sul®, KTS®, and MagThio® thiosulfates increase yield and improve pecan nut quality. 

​Over a period of three years our agronomist, Marbella Coronado, performed an agronomic trial on a pecan nut orchard in Costa de Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. This involved the application of Tessenderlo Kerley´s thiosulfates and it demonstrated to farmers in the area that these liquid fertilizers with active thiosulfate improve the availability of nutrients in the soil. In particular, improvements occurred with phosphorus and micronutrients, and this contributes to increased economic gain, as well as improvements regarding the performance and quality of pecan nuts. 

The objectives of the trial were successfully accomplished, i.e. how thiosulfate increases the yield and quality of nuts due to thiosulfate improving the aeration of the soil, releasing nutrients, and displacing salts. This was all verified by a Comparator vs. Control trial, quality analysis in pecan nuts, edible kernel content percentage, and via the economic analysis. 

  • Liquid potassium from KTS enhances the quality of fruit, increasing the percentage of almond in the nuts. 

  • Thio-Sul, ammonium thiosulfate, enhances the chlorophyll content, thus increasing performance.  

  • MagThio, magnesium thiosulfate, improves the filling of fruits and grains, and assists in the formation of fats and oils. 

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