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​​​​​Sulfate of Potash, more than 100 years​​ of experience​​ 

This book reflects on more than 100 years of expertise regarding the use of sulfate of potassium (SOP) in agriculture. It features the input of many agronomists and field technicians who worked for SCPA and latterly for Tessenderlo Group. The knowledge relating to SOP contained herein has been generated as a result of many years of fundamental research involving field experiments across the globe. 

The book covers the importance of potassium in balanced nutrition and clearly explains why SOP is such an important fertilizer for many horticultural crops and for areas that are at risk from salinity. It contains comprehensive information on trials in which SOP was applied on a wide range of crops, as well as recommendations for the optimal use of SOP on these crops. 

The information provided certainly contributes to an enhanced knowledge of potassium-based plant nutrition and it will help to deliver higher yields and a better quality of agricultural produce.​​ 

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