It's almost strawberry time all over the world

Thiosulfates have proven their effectiveness by improving the quality and performance of strawberries. 

​To produce good quality and high-yielding strawberry crops, good water quality and soils with a neutral pH (and more specifically, a low level of bicarbonate, sodium, and chloride) are required. 

Tessenderlo Kerley´s liquid thiosulfate fertilizers have been used in the fertilization programs of Central Mexican strawberry producers at every growth stage, from planting to harvest. This has made a huge difference in terms of flavor, improved growth development, more flowering, and more harvested boxes with export-quality fruits and less fruit for processing. 

In commercial trials, we principally used thiosulfates to displace salts and release nutrients blocked in soils with pH>7.0. And we observed that when using Thio-Sul®, KTS®, CaTs®, and MagThio®, not only were the soil problems resolved but yield increased by up to 27%. This means better quality, greater firmness, enhanced taste, and improved shelf life of the harvested strawberries. 

  • Thio-Sul stabilizes pH-values and solubilizes nutrients fixed in the soil, making them available for the plant. 

  • KTS increases quality, improves taste and Brix degrees. 

  • CaTs displaces sodium and increases shelf life. 

  • MagThio displaces salts and increases chlorophyll contents. 


Average application rates per hectare: 

Thio-Sul: 80 -120 liters 

KTS: 120 - 160 liters 

CaTs: 120 - 180 liters 

MagThio: 60 - 80 liters 

It boosted yield by up to 27% 

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