P-Sure® is a clear (or light green) colorless liquid ammonium polyphosphate solution that helps increase yields by satisfying a crop’s essential need for nitrogen and phosphorus.


  • A high concentration of nutrients and free of chloride
  • Compatible with many fertilizer blends (except those containing calcium)
  • Combines effectively with KTS® (potassium thiosulfate) to give a highly efficient NPKS starter fertilizer
  • Low salting out temperature (SOT)
  • Long shelf life
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    Tessenderlo Kerley świętuje 30-lecie swojego nawozu SoluPotasse®

    Tessenderlo Kerley’s flagship SOP (sulfate of potash) fertilizer, branded SoluPotasse®, is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. For three decades, SoluPotasse® has been providing farmers with the highest quality and sustainable water-soluble grade of SOP. In 1993, when SoluPotasse® was introduced into the market, Tessenderlo Kerley was the...


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  • solupotasse strawberry

    SoluPotasse® wykorzystywany w rolnictwie szklarniowym

    The agronomy and business development teams at Tessenderlo Kerley International not only share their knowledge, they also seize every opportunity to gain additional knowledge themselves. The first weekend of April, several greenhouse growers in the Netherlands opened their doors. A perfect opportunity to see how SoluPotasse® is optimally used by...


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  • rapeoil seed

    Siarka pod koniec zimy - niezbędny pierwiastek dla najlepszych plonów

    Pszenica i rzepak nadal mogą korzystać z dodatkowych składników odżywczych. Régis Muteau, kierownik ds. agronomii w Tessenderlo Kerley International, dzieli się swoją wiedzą i podkreśla znaczenie stosowania Thio-Sul®. Czy chcesz dowiedzieć się więcej o naszym roztworze tiosiarczanu amonu Thio-Sul®? Kliknij tutaj.


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