P-Sure® is a clear (or light green) colorless liquid ammonium polyphosphate solution that helps increase yields by satisfying a crop’s essential need for nitrogen and phosphorus.


  • A high concentration of nutrients and free of chloride
  • Compatible with many fertilizer blends (except those containing calcium)
  • Combines effectively with KTS® (potassium thiosulfate) to give a highly efficient NPKS starter fertilizer
  • Low salting out temperature (SOT)
  • Long shelf life
  • rapeseed

    Наші польські колеги беруть участь у конференції, присвяченій виробництву ріпака

    At Tessenderlo Kerley, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of sustainable agriculture with our innovative water-soluble potash fertilizers and sulfur-based solutions. That's why last week our Polish consultants participated in several Polish conferences organized by Rapool, the European leader in rapeseed production. A highlight was a...
  • india

    Tessenderlo Kerley India співпрацює з урядом і галуззю заради майбутнього

    By 2047, a total of 1.6 billion mouths will require nourishment in India. At Tessenderlo Kerley International, we believe sustainable agriculture holds the key to feeding this growing population while simultaneously safeguarding our planet. Our commitment? It’s all about empowering farmers with the precise tools and most advanced education to...
  • compliments

    Tessenderlo Kerley International святкує Міжнародний день компліментів

    Our team is one in a melon! Today, on International Compliment Day, we're celebrating our incredible team! From agronomists to commercial advisers, engineers to operators, every member of our global family contributes to our 175-year legacy of excellence, spanning over 100 countries. We're proud and grateful for each and every one! To show our...

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