Спеціальні добрива

Унікальний асортимент високоефективних рідких, твердих і водорозчинних добрив на основі сірки для  живлення рослин із метою підвищення врожайності, якості та збалансованого розвитку сільськогосподарських культур.
Наш асортимент
  • wheat

    Французький фермер демонструє чудові результати з Thio-Sul®

    Witness success in action! Our distributor AMALTIS is pleased to share the story of a satisfied local farmer in Charente who achieved incredible success using Tessenderlo Kerley International's liquid fertilizer Thio-Sul® mixed with UAN on wheat! The results speak volumes! And seeing the positive impact firsthand reaffirms our commitment to...
  • bulgaria

    Наші колеги з Болгарії беруть участь у 2-денному заході для фермерів

    Our Bulgarian K-Leaf® customer Biofert organized a dynamic 2-day event with nearly 100 farmers and industry experts worldwide. Our passionate experts Roxana and Catalin were happy to share our insights on Tessenderlo Kerley International's global presence, our sustainable product solutions and the crucial role of potassium and sulfur in crop...
  • Geleen

    Один рік будівельних робіт на Tessenderlo Kerley Geleen

    Exactly a year ago, we laid the foundation stone marking the beginning of the Tessenderlo Kerley Geleen construction. The construction of our state-of-the-art Thio-Sul® factory has been a whirlwind of progress, shaping up at an incredible pace. In 2024, this facility will be in full swing, producing our renowned Thio-Sul®. Reflecting on a year of...
  • India

    Підрозділ Tessenderlo Kerley в Індії організує тиждень занять із квітникарства

    Our Indian CaTs® and KTS® distributor MAL is delving into the blooming world of floriculture - gerberas, roses, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and more! Their focus spans open fields and poly/net houses, using drip irrigation. Tessenderlo Kerley International's experts are lending massive support. Our agronomist, Herman Eijkelboom, led training...
  • Cuijk

    Візит партнерів із Болгарії на резервуарний парк Tessenderlo Kerley в місті Куйк

    We were delighted to receive our Bulgarian partners to visit our tank facility at Tessenderlo Kerley Cuijk in The Netherlands. At this hub, we store our premium liquid fertilizers, making sure we always have product available to power crops with vital nutrients at any moment the crop needs it. Sharing experiences together with our commercial and...
  • students

    Візит студентів на наш завод у Гамі

    Tessenderlo Kerley International hosted a group of university students from KU Leuven Faculteit Industriële Ingenieurswetenschappen - Campus Diepenbeek at our Ham plant today. Together with Michiel Vrijsen, our process engineer, they got to dive into the wonders of the chemical industry. As Michiel puts it: “I love leading them through this...
  • geleen

    Успішний «День талантів» для Tessenderlo Kerley в Гелені

    We were thrilled to participate in the Talent Day event yesterday at the Chemelot Brightland site in Geleen. We got to showcase our unwavering commitment to eco-friendly potassium fertilizer production and the unique role we play in agricultural thiosulfate. This event was a fantastic opportunity for students to explore career possibilities, gather...
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