Sustainable specialty fertilizers

A unique range of high-performance sulfur-based liquid, solid and soluble fertilizers for more precise plant nutrition to optimize crop yield, quality, and sustainability.
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  • students

    Students visit our plant in Ham

    Tessenderlo Kerley International hosted a group of university students from KU Leuven Faculteit Industriële Ingenieurswetenschappen - Campus Diepenbeek at our Ham plant today. Together with Michiel Vrijsen, our process engineer, they got to dive into the wonders of the chemical industry. As Michiel puts it: “I love leading them through this...
  • geleen

    Successful Talent Day event for Tessenderlo Kerley Geleen

    We were thrilled to participate in the Talent Day event yesterday at the Chemelot Brightland site in Geleen. We got to showcase our unwavering commitment to eco-friendly potassium fertilizer production and the unique role we play in agricultural thiosulfate. This event was a fantastic opportunity for students to explore career possibilities, gather...
  • header

    Great progress made at Tessenderlo Kerley Geleen

    Tessenderlo Kerley Geleen is taking shape at lightning speed! The factory's 'skeleton' is in place with a solid foundation, equipment, and steel structure. Although the current work might be less visible, it's equally crucial. We're busy installing piping, running electrical cables, setting up the lab, and putting the finishing touches on the roads...
  • betteravenir

    Our French team participates in Betteravenir 2023

    Meet our French team @Betteravenir2023 We're delighted that our team is participating today and tomorrow in @Betteravenir 2023, Europe's largest open-field trade fair dedicated to sugar beets in Berny-en-Santerre! This event will bring together a powerful, dynamic, and ambitious sector, all united with the aim of ensuring that sugar beets...
  • argus

    Tessenderlo Kerley at the Argus Fertilizer Europe Conference in Lisbon

    It's a wrap! This week our colleagues at Tessenderlo Kerley participated in the Argus Fertilizer Europe Conference in Lisbon, where they dived deep into the world of European fertilizers.
  • rose-field

    CaTs® achieves outstanding results for rose farmer in India

    A rose farmer from Hosakote, Karnataka (India), has achieved outstanding results, all thanks to the use of CaTs®, our ideal solution for providing both calcium and sulfur!
  • grapes

    Our dedication to sustainable agriculture #GlobalFertilizerDay

    Agriculture is the backbone of our existence, and we understand the challenges it faces, from limited resources to growing demand.
  • rouen

    Tessenderlo Kerley France participates in the "Journées de la Culture du Risque"

    Tessenderlo Kerley France took part in the “Journées de la Culture du Risque,” which is organized by the Rouen City Council, in collaboration with the French government's campaign to enhance resilience to risks. Elected representatives from our metropolitan area, curious local residents, and dedicated journalists eager to share insights on...
  • cotton

    Tessenderlo Kerley International celebrates World Cotton Day!

    Happy World Cotton Day! Did you know that cotton is an integral part of our everyday lives? Chances are, you're wearing some right now! Cotton is grown by approximately 100 million rural households in over 75 countries worldwide. One of the significant challenges in cotton production is salinity, which is the presence of soluble salts in or on the...
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