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K-Leaf® is a concentrated potassium booster for foliar application offering a number of important benefits for broad-acre crops, as well as for fruit and vegetables. It contains 52% potash (K2O w/w) and 18.8% sulfur (S w/w) and can be be applied at higher doses than certain other foliar potassium fertilizers.


  • Dissolves much more rapidly than other potassium-based fertilizers, leaving no residue
  • Lower pH solution reduces the risk of clogging the spray nozzles
  • Virtually no chloride and free of nitrates
  • Helps rapidly treat cases of potassium deficiency
  • Helps boost the crop’s resistance to stress
  • Improves crop yield and quality
  • Increases crops’ resistance to damage during transport and storage
  • Compatible with a wide range of fertilizers and crop protection products for foliar application except that containing calcium

K-Leaf® is the cost-effective potash booster for complimentary foliar sprays during periods of crop growth when potassium demand is at its highest. K-Leaf has been specifically developed for foliar application and helps growers produce high quality crops with maximum export value, whilst protecting the environment.

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