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KTS® is a potassium and sulfur source for corn

It improves the grain filling and ensures reduced nitrogen application

The thiosulfate molecule reduces the loss of ammoniacal nitrogen, thus increasing the efficiency of nitrogenous solutions and enabling growers to reduce nitrogen application in the form of ammonia gas.​

Growers in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, who have realized results of 450 units of nitrogen in their soil analysis, have been recommended to use 50 kg less in their next application and to provide potassium in order to improve the filling of corn grains. This means they need to change the initial dose of 150 kg of ammonia per hectare to a fertilizer blend of 100 kg of ammonia plus 30 L of KTS®, and to apply it during the V12 vegetative stage before the flowering period.

This fertilizer blend of ammonia with KTS guarantees a higher corn yield because it provides liquid potassium, which improves the grain filling and increases the specific weight of the corn. Moreover, KTS® thiosulfate maximizes the use of ammoniacal nitrogen and solubilizes other nutrients.

There is currently a good price forecast for this corn crop season. Corn growers with soil potassium deficiency and high requirements of ammoniacal nitrogen could also increase their corn yield if they use KTS®. This is because it is a source of potassium and it will achieve the grain filling and act as a source of thiosulfate to maximize the use of nitrogen.

Download our KTS Application guide through our KTS product page.