KTS® is a clear, nitrate and chloride-free fertilizer that features the highest liquid potassium and sulfur content available on the market.

KTS®is a neutral to basic, chloride-free, clear liquid solution, containing 25% potash (K2O w/w) and 17% sulfur (S w/w). Each liter of KTS contains 360 grams of potash (K2O) and 252 grams of sulfur (S). KTS can be applied by drip, sprinkler or flood irrigation. It may be blended with other fertilizers or applied as a foliar treatment on selected crops.

  • A highly efficient chloride and nitrate free liquid source of potassium and sulfur
  • K uptake is at least 30% more efficient compared with conventional K-fertilizers
  • Boosts crop yield, quality and shelf life
  • Provides quickly available and extended release sulfur
  • Improves phosphorus and micronutrient availability and uptake by the crop
  • Enhances crop resistance to environmental stress

KTS® may be applied to a wide variety of ornamental, turf, greenhouse and other agricultural crops. The potassium requirements of many crops increases dramatically during periods of rapid growth and fruit development and KTS is the ideal solution for providing both potassium and sulfur in a readily available liquid form to crops.

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