Our dedication to sustainability

In agriculture, our crop nutrition and crop protection companies support growers in meeting the global demand for food production. Producing sufficient food for a growing population is the driving force behind the progress of agricultural production and sustainability initiatives. A potential global population of nearly 10 billion by 2050 means advances in food production technologies will be needed.

Our agricultural activities support our vision of building a safe, smart, and sustainable world. By upcycling by-products from refineries into safe, non-hazardous fertilizers that become a valuable resource for growers, we contribute to creating sustainable agriculture. We help growers around the world meet the challenges of global food production. This is achieved with our high-efficiency fertilizers that are used in conjunction with precision agricultural practices, which reduce the amount of nutrients lost to air or runoff to waterways.


Precision agricultural practices can lower water use with drip irrigation and placing fertilizer in the exact location where the plant requires it as opposed to simple broadcast methods. By providing growers with training based on our research, we give them the tools and resources to improve their soil and crop health.

For developing economies, population growth and land availability are some of the main problems agriculture is facing today. Proper use of crop nutrition and crop protection products makes the available farmland more effective and limits the need to clear more land for additional crop production.

Every time a crop is grown and harvested, nutrients are taken from the soil and these nutrients must be replaced in order to continue producing food, feed, fuel, and fiber crops. Sulfur, nitrogen, potassium, calcium, and magnesium fertilizers make a vital contribution to healthy, productive soils by providing the nutrients that plants need for their growth.


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