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  • grape

    SoluPotasse®: A more sustainable form of potassium

    Tessenderlo Kerley’s iconic SoluPotasse®, with its thirty years’ heritage, gives growers cost-effective performance whilst at the same time helping to protect sensitive environments. SoluPotasse® offers a mild form of potassium and sulfur in a readily available form, and has many advantages over alternative potassium sources. The product is...
  • safety

    Successful trainings AED defibrillator + Basic Life Support

    Safety is at the forefront of everything we do at Tessenderlo Kerley International, and our commitment to our core values of mutual respect and appreciation drives us forward every step of the way. Every single employee of our organization had the invaluable opportunity to participate in the enlightening "AED Defibrillator + Basic Life Support"...
  • SA

    Tessenderlo Kerley South-Africa donates fertilizers for school fields

    Recently our Southern Africa team partnered with a valued local distributor, Agrofors, to donate fertilizers to the Outeniqua High School in George, South Africa. The school’s fields host many activities and are used for several sports including cricket, hockey, rugby, and athletics as well as various sports tournaments throughout the school year...
  • india

    Tessenderlo Kerley India held an event for Banana growers

    Our Indian team held this event in the Washimbe, Solapur, Maharashtra village in India. With the support of the Mahadhan Agritech Limited team, local farmers participated in a demonstration session where we discussed the many benefits of CaTS® & KTS® on banana growth through presentation of soil pH & EC test results and demonstrations in the field...
  • romania

    Empowering Romanian farmers through education

    In February, Tessenderlo Kerley International proudly sponsored the non-profit organization UnivAgx's initiative to organize 7 regional educational events for farm cooperatives. These events were an important milestone in bringing formal education directly to farmer cooperatives, with emphasis on increasing farmers' expertise and developing...
  • SA

    Unlocking Agricultural Excellence with K-Leaf®, UAN + Thio-Sul®, and KTS®!

    Our innovative applications were highlighted at the recent farmers' day organized by AIS at their experimental farm in Delmas, South Africa. AIS went the extra mile by planting demonstration plots of maize and soybean, providing a platform for suppliers like us to trial and showcase our products. Our local advisors spared no effort in sharing their...
  • morocco

    Our Moroccan team highlights the efficiency of our liquid fertilizers in grape cultivation

    Tessenderlo Kerley International, in collaboration with his distributor CASEM, recently organised a training session in the Marrakech area, tailored exclusively to grape table growers! During this session, we delved into the efficiency of our liquid fertilizers Thio-Sul®, CaTs®, and KTS®, shedding light on their role in optimizing grape cultivation...
  • compliments

    Tessenderlo Kerley International celebrates International Compliment day

    Our team is one in a melon! Today, on International Compliment Day, we're celebrating our incredible team! From agronomists to commercial advisers, engineers to operators, every member of our global family contributes to our 175-year legacy of excellence, spanning over 100 countries. We're proud and grateful for each and every one! To show our...
  • india

    Tessenderlo Kerley India works with government and industry towards the future

    By 2047, a total of 1.6 billion mouths will require nourishment in India. At Tessenderlo Kerley International, we believe sustainable agriculture holds the key to feeding this growing population while simultaneously safeguarding our planet. Our commitment? It’s all about empowering farmers with the precise tools and most advanced education to...
  • rapeseed

    Our Polish colleagues participate in conference on rapeseed

    At Tessenderlo Kerley, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of sustainable agriculture with our innovative water-soluble potash fertilizers and sulfur-based solutions. That's why last week our Polish consultants participated in several Polish conferences organized by Rapool, the European leader in rapeseed production. A highlight was a...
  • india

    Tessenderlo Kerley India participates in KISAN Agri Show

    Tessenderlo Kerley India is thrilled to announce their participation in the KISAN Agri Show 2024 in India, alongside distribution partner Green Grow Nutrients Pvt. Ltd. You can visit them in Hyderabad from Feb 1-3 at Stall No. B 50 (Hall B) to explore the latest innovations in liquid fertilizers for Indian agriculture. With 24,413 pre-registered...
  • wheat

    Farmer in France books great results with Thio-Sul®

    Witness success in action! Our distributor AMALTIS is pleased to share the story of a satisfied local farmer in Charente who achieved incredible success using Tessenderlo Kerley International's liquid fertilizer Thio-Sul® mixed with UAN on wheat! The results speak volumes! And seeing the positive impact firsthand reaffirms our commitment to...
  • bulgaria

    Our Bulgarian colleagues took part in 2-day farmer’s event

    Our Bulgarian K-Leaf® customer Biofert organized a dynamic 2-day event with nearly 100 farmers and industry experts worldwide. Our passionate experts Roxana and Catalin were happy to share our insights on Tessenderlo Kerley International's global presence, our sustainable product solutions and the crucial role of potassium and sulfur in crop...
  • Geleen

    One year of construction works at Tessenderlo Kerley Geleen

    Exactly a year ago, we laid the foundation stone marking the beginning of the Tessenderlo Kerley Geleen construction. The construction of our state-of-the-art Thio-Sul® factory has been a whirlwind of progress, shaping up at an incredible pace. In 2024, this facility will be in full swing, producing our renowned Thio-Sul®. Reflecting on a year of...
  • India

    Tessenderlo Kerley India organizes a week of floriculture training sessions

    Our Indian CaTs® and KTS® distributor MAL is delving into the blooming world of floriculture - gerberas, roses, chrysanthemums, marigolds, and more! Their focus spans open fields and poly/net houses, using drip irrigation. Tessenderlo Kerley International's experts are lending massive support. Our agronomist, Herman Eijkelboom, led training...
  • Cuijk

    Bulgarian partners visit tank facility at Tessenderlo Kerley Cuijk

    We were delighted to receive our Bulgarian partners to visit our tank facility at Tessenderlo Kerley Cuijk in The Netherlands. At this hub, we store our premium liquid fertilizers, making sure we always have product available to power crops with vital nutrients at any moment the crop needs it. Sharing experiences together with our commercial and...
  • students

    Students visit our plant in Ham

    Tessenderlo Kerley International hosted a group of university students from KU Leuven Faculteit Industriële Ingenieurswetenschappen - Campus Diepenbeek at our Ham plant today. Together with Michiel Vrijsen, our process engineer, they got to dive into the wonders of the chemical industry. As Michiel puts it: “I love leading them through this...
  • geleen

    Successful Talent Day event for Tessenderlo Kerley Geleen

    We were thrilled to participate in the Talent Day event yesterday at the Chemelot Brightland site in Geleen. We got to showcase our unwavering commitment to eco-friendly potassium fertilizer production and the unique role we play in agricultural thiosulfate. This event was a fantastic opportunity for students to explore career possibilities, gather...
  • header

    Great progress made at Tessenderlo Kerley Geleen

    Tessenderlo Kerley Geleen is taking shape at lightning speed! The factory's 'skeleton' is in place with a solid foundation, equipment, and steel structure. Although the current work might be less visible, it's equally crucial. We're busy installing piping, running electrical cables, setting up the lab, and putting the finishing touches on the roads...
  • betteravenir

    Our French team participates in Betteravenir 2023

    Meet our French team @Betteravenir2023 We're delighted that our team is participating today and tomorrow in @Betteravenir 2023, Europe's largest open-field trade fair dedicated to sugar beets in Berny-en-Santerre! This event will bring together a powerful, dynamic, and ambitious sector, all united with the aim of ensuring that sugar beets...
  • argus

    Tessenderlo Kerley at the Argus Fertilizer Europe Conference in Lisbon

    It's a wrap! This week our colleagues at Tessenderlo Kerley participated in the Argus Fertilizer Europe Conference in Lisbon, where they dived deep into the world of European fertilizers.
  • rose-field

    CaTs® achieves outstanding results for rose farmer in India

    A rose farmer from Hosakote, Karnataka (India), has achieved outstanding results, all thanks to the use of CaTs®, our ideal solution for providing both calcium and sulfur!
  • grapes

    Our dedication to sustainable agriculture #GlobalFertilizerDay

    Agriculture is the backbone of our existence, and we understand the challenges it faces, from limited resources to growing demand.
  • rouen

    Tessenderlo Kerley France participates in the "Journées de la Culture du Risque"

    Tessenderlo Kerley France took part in the “Journées de la Culture du Risque,” which is organized by the Rouen City Council, in collaboration with the French government's campaign to enhance resilience to risks. Elected representatives from our metropolitan area, curious local residents, and dedicated journalists eager to share insights on...