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About us

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Tessenderlo Kerley International supplies value-added liquid, soluble and solid plant nutrition in order to support growers in realizing efficient and sustainable agriculture. We are the leading producer of sulfur-based fertilizers.

Our global team of agronomists and commercial advisers is characterized by a strong customer focus and has an outstanding heritage, as we are able to build on the 100 years of expertise at Tessenderlo (in solid and soluble potassium based fertilizers) and the 70 years of expertise at Kerley (in liquid fertilizers).


Our dedication to give farmers the precise tools needed to push their crops is at the very heart of what we do. Our portfolio consists of well-recognized specialty fertilizers such as SoluPotasse®, Thio-Sul®, KTS®, CaTs®, K-Leaf®, etc., in which we continuously invest in terms of innovation, product development and support. This is how we can guarantee that all our interventions - whether by our products, our experts or our advisers – will create maximal output: i.e. a better yield for crops, more control for farmers and a healthier planet for everyone.

Our products

are manufactured at 14 strategic locations throughout Europe and the United States in order to provide the best service to our customers. All our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and thoroughly tested by our staff of expert agronomists to ensure our products meet the high expectations of today’s farmers.

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Our dedication to sustainability

In agriculture, our crop nutrition and crop protection companies support growers in meeting the global demand for food production. Producing sufficient food for a growing population is the driving force behind the progress of agricultural production and sustainability initiatives. A potential global population of nearly 10 billion by 2050 means advances in food production technologies will be needed.

Our agricultural activities support our vision of building a safe, smart, and sustainable world. By upcycling by-products from refineries into safe, non-hazardous fertilizers that become a valuable resource for growers, we contribute to creating sustainable agriculture. We help growers around the world meet the challenges of global food production. This is achieved with our high-efficiency fertilizers that are used in conjunction with precision agricultural practices, which reduce the amount of nutrients lost to air or runoff to waterways.

CaTs® delivers soluble calcium when and where peanuts need it most

Precision agricultural practices can lower water use with drip irrigation and placing fertilizer in the exact location where the plant requires it as opposed to simple broadcast methods. By providing growers with training based on our research, we give them the tools and resources to improve their soil and crop health.

For developing economies, population growth and land availability are some of the main problems agriculture is facing today. Proper use of crop nutrition and crop protection products makes the available farmland more effective and limits the need to clear more land for additional crop production.

Every time a crop is grown and harvested, nutrients are taken from the soil and these nutrients must be replaced in order to continue producing food, feed, fuel, and fiber crops. Sulfur, nitrogen, potassium, calcium, and magnesium fertilizers make a vital contribution to healthy, productive soils by providing the nutrients that plants need for their growth.

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We are part of Tessenderlo Group
Every Molecule Counts

Tessenderlo Group (Euronext: TESB) is a global industrial group that focuses on agriculture, valorizing bio-residuals, machinery, mechanical engineering, electronics, energy, and industrial solutions for water management. Its belief that “Every Molecule Counts” is at the heart of the strategy of the group: Tessenderlo Group continually strives to valorize its products and processes to the maximum and to add value to everything it does. With its headquarters in Belgium, the group is active in over 100 countries and it has a global team of more than 7,500 employees. In 2023, Tessenderlo Group recorded a consolidated revenue of 2.9 billion EUR.

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