Successful trainings AED defibrillator + Basic Life Support


Safety is at the forefront of everything we do at Tessenderlo Kerley International, and our commitment to our core values of mutual respect and appreciation drives us forward every step of the way. 

Every single employee of our organization had the invaluable opportunity to participate in the enlightening "AED Defibrillator + Basic Life Support" training program. Throughout the course, our dedicated team members honed their skills in essential first aid techniques, CPR methods, and the proper utilization of AED devices. In moments of unexpected crisis, this knowledge becomes a true lifeline. 

In a total 88 of our team members have successfully completed this transformative training initiative! When combined with the expertise of our dedicated fire department, we now have 136 individuals on-site who are proficient in handling AED defibrillators and administering crucial first aid. And the learning doesn't stop there - exciting training sessions are already underway at the Tessenderlo Innovation Center! 

A heartfelt round of applause goes out to Johan Herbots for his excellent guidance of these training sessions. Together, we are creating a safer and healthier working environment for everyone.