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  • pineapple

    In a world full of apples, why not be a pineapple?

    Pineapple is one of the most popular tropical fruits in the world. And it is either consumed as a tasty and juicy fresh fruit or it is processed into slices, compotes, and juice. Costa Rica is the one of the world’s biggest trader of fresh pineapples.
  • Geleen

    Information session about our new Thio-Sul® plant in Geleen

    Today, Tessenderlo Kerley International (a business unit of Tessenderlo Group) organized an information session to present the plans for its new liquid fertilizer plant in Geleen (the Netherlands). The new factory for the production of Thio-Sul® (ammonium thiosulfate), a liquid fertilizer used for fertilizing broad-acre crops, will be built on the...
  • KTS on potatoes

    Higher yields realized when applying foliar KTS® on potato crops

    The application of fertilizer sources to the foliage in potato crops as a complement to soil fertilization is a common practice that is carried out during its production to increase yield and improve quality. Potato cultivation demands a high availability of potassium, mainly during tuberization and tuber development, which is a stage...
  • Safety MExico new

    Farmers’ visit confirms quality and safety of Tessenderlo Kerley’s distribution center in Mexico’s

    The Río Fuerte South Farmers Association (which is abbreviated to AARFS in Spanish) recently visited Tessenderlo Kerley’s distribution terminal in Navolato, Sinaloa (Mexico). The visit was made by its administrative managers and the people in charge of its facilities providing a service to the members who together own more than 12,000 hectares of...
  • News_17 may 2021

    CaTs® helps the maturation and thickness of the cotton fiber

    A number of benefits have been observed in the maturation of boll and increased cotton fiber fitness In Chihuahua, Mexico, more and more cotton-growing Mennonites are using CaTs, calcium thiosulfate, when the end of flowering is at the boll-filling stage. Pedro Friesen, a grower from the regio
  • Strategic ecology support

    Strategic ecology support for Tessenderlo Kerley Ham in Belgium

    With the support of Flemish Minister of Economy and Innovation Hilde Crevits, Tessenderlo Group in Ham will invest in a more sustainable energy system and heat recovery.
  • Sweeter papayas-May 4

    Sweeter papayas with better consistency and taste

    This is obtained through many years of experience and the use of thiosulfates ​In Tecomán, Colima (Mexico), the introduction of thiosulfates in the papaya fertilization program has led to higher profitability with better fruit quality (Brix and taste), increased yield, and enhanced soil condition
  • News_April 20_Grainfilling KTS

    KTS® is a potassium and sulfur source for corn

    It improves the grain filling and ensures reduced nitrogen application ​The thiosulfate molecule reduces the loss of ammoniacal nitrogen, thus increasing the efficiency of nitrogenous solutions and enabling growers to reduce nitrogen application in the form of ammonia gas.​ Growers in Los Moch
  • News_April12_Onion growers02

    Onion growers are experiencing the benefits of thiosulfates

    Essential nutrients and a profitable solution for saline soils and hard water problems. ​In the Valley of Guaymas, Sonora (Mexico), soils are characterized by various problems including salts, alkaline pH, and the hard-well water with high sodium content.
  • News_April5_Strawberries01

    It's almost strawberry time all over the world

    Thiosulfates have proven their effectiveness by improving the quality and performance of strawberries. ​To produce good quality and high-yielding strawberry crops, good water quality and soils with a neutral pH (and more specifically, a low level of bicarbonate, sodium, and chloride) are required. Tessenderlo Kerley´s liquid thiosulfate...
  • News_March9_Brocoli03

    Increased broccoli yields in Mexico!

    Great news: broccoli hollow stem is reduced with the use of Thio-Sul®, KTS® and CaTs®. Thio-Sul stabilizes nitrogen, making it more efficient and reducing the negative contributions of this element.
  • News_February26_coffee01

    The secret to making high quality coffee has been revealed

    We all know a good cup of coffee starts with good coffee beans, but there are other ways to improve the quality of your coffee. Sulfur of Potash offers an excellent combination of potassium and sulfur, which are the key to producing high quality coffee.
  • Indian Bananas

    GranuPotasse® is making an impact in India on grapes and bananas

    Our agronomists in India have been working on showing the benefits of applying GranuPotasse® to various crops. ​Our agronomists in India have been working on showing the benefits of applying GranuPotasse® to various crops.
  • News_February4_SouthAfrica01

    CaTs® delivers great results in South Africa

    CaTs® trials on macadamia nuts and avocados results in improved yields and quality. Our range of thiosulfate clear liquid fertilizers have been registered in South Africa since early 2020.
  • News_January27_pecannuts02

    Pecan nuts and the increase of yield using thiosulfates

    The application of liquid fertilizers in the nutrition plan and soil A three-year agronomic trial has demonstrated that Thio-Sul®, KTS®, and MagThio® thiosulfates increase yield and improve pecan nut quality. ​Over a period of three years our agronomist, Marbe
  • News_January26_SouthAustralia01

    Raise a glass to successful CaTs® trials!

    Naracoorte in South Australia is at the heart of the premium vineyard industry, and more and more vineyards nowadays are using thiosulfates to secure better yields and wine quality. Naracoorte in South Australia is at the heart of the premium vineyard industry, and more and more vineyards nowadays are using thiosulfates to secure better yields...
  • stone fruits

    Helping you grow stone fruits with our thiosulfates

    ​What do you need to consider when cultivation stone fruits? After these few dark months, spring will be on its way! This means we can enjoy those delicious stone fruits again, such as peaches, plums, apricots, and nectarines.
  • Calcium improves tree health and fruit production

    Calcium improves tree health and fruit production

    It’s no secret. Calcium plays a vital role in fruit production. It improves tree health and improves fruit storability and shelf life.
  • happy potato growers

    Follow Raoul on a Field day in Los Mochis Sinaloa

    The field visits do not stop, even not in COVID-19 times The activities in the field do not stop, now the planning of these activities is more careful and with fewer people.
  • News_December4_WorldSoilDay03

    World Soil Day

    To be a successful farmer one must first know the nature of the soil. The ancient Greek philosopher Xenophon once said, “To be a successful farmer one must first know the nature of the soil.” A growing global population coupled with a need for greater conservation is putting increased pressure on agricultural land... The ancient Greek...
  • News_November27_potassiumdeficiency01

    Healthier grapes in correcting the levels of potassium

    Correct the levels of potassium to increase your yield ​Bruno Bourrie, our agronomy expert, shows us how you can correct the levels of potassium to increase your yield and grow healthier grapevines. Watch the video here:
  • News_November18_Strawberries in Morocco

    KTS® dayanıklı çileklerin yetiştirilmesine yardımcı olmaktadır

    Liquid potassium solution helps to grow strawberries in Morocco Our agronomist Lahcen Kabouri explains to the strawberry grower in Ben Masour (Morocco) why our liquid potassium solution based on thiosulfate (KTS®) helps to grow delicious resistant strawberries. ​Our agron
  • News_October28_Tomatobrochure02

    All you need to know about growing healthy juice tomatoes

    Download our detailed brochure on growing tomatoes Originating from the Andean regions of Peru, North Chile and Ecuador. Tomatoes are the most widely grown vegetable.
  • News_October15_Rural woman 03

    We celebrate International Day of Rural Women

    Almost one-third of women’s employment worldwide is in the agricultural sector? Today is the International Day of Rural Women! Did you know that almost one-third of women’s employment worldwide is in the agricultural sector? Rural women play a crucial role in agriculture, food security and nutrition, as well as land and natural resource management...