Exciting Day at InteliGro's Northern Cape Rally

Tessenderlo Kerley International had the privilege of being part of the recent InteliGro's Northern Cape Rally in South-Africa, and what a day it was!

  • 80 farmers came together, eager to learn and share their insights. They were split into 15 groups, each embarking on a fascinating journey through the world of agriculture.
  • Our main focus was on grapes and citrus crops, and we were thrilled to showcase our product ranges, including SoluPotasse®, K-Leaf ®, and our clear liquid thiosulfate products.
  •  In the spirit of interactive learning, we conducted presentations and captivating demonstrations. One highlight was our SoluPotasse® and K-Leaf® product dissolution speed demonstration.
  • We also engaged in some hands-on, interactive demonstrations with our liquid products, making the learning experience truly immersive and enjoyable.

It was a day filled with insights, knowledge-sharing, and networking, making it a resounding success!

Thank you to InteliGro for inviting us and to all the farmers who joined us. Together, we're growing towards a greener and more fruitful future!