How to grow juicy fleshy melons in Costa Rica

How we love to eat juicy sweet fleshy melons or mix them in our smoothies.
Our agronomist Elizabeth works closely with Melones del Sol in Costa Rica to grow the most juicy ones. 

Location: Nandayure, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 
Farm: Melones del Sol Costa Rica

CaTs® is applied from sowing (transplanting) up to post-flowering and KTS® from fruit filling to harvest.

At 24-29 days after transplanting, petiole sap extract measurements were made, showing a higher concentration of calcium and less sodium in the tissues from the areas treated with thiosulfates than in the control areas (other sources of calcium and potassium).

It remains to wait for the harvest to evaluate yield and fruit quality.  Application done through drip fertigation.