Tessenderlo Kerley International organized an informative seminar for Indian farmers

Tessenderlo Kerley International recently collaborated with its distributor, Green Grow Nutrients Private Limited, to organize a farmers' seminar in India. The event took place in the Nirmal District of Telangana State, India, and it aimed at educating local farmers about the benefits and applications of Tessenderlo Kerley's agricultural CaTs® and KTS® products.

The seminar was primarily centered around enhancing the cultivation of chili peppers. Nirmal District is also well-known for its diverse agricultural practices, including the cultivation of other vegetables, as well as cash crops such as cotton and turmeric. With a focus on optimizing the quality and yield of chili crops, Tessenderlo Kerley International's experts provided some valuable insights to the attending farmers.

The event attracted significant interest from the local farming community with approximately 80 farmers from the vicinity joining the seminar. And the significance of the seminar was further underlined by the presence of esteemed government officials, which reflects the importance of Tessenderlo Kerley's contributions to modernizing Indian agriculture.

During the seminar, Tessenderlo Kerley International's agricultural experts showcased the efficacy of its CaTs® and KTS® products. These sulfur-based fertilizers have created remarkable results in local trials, consistently proving their effectiveness in terms of augmenting crop yield and improving overall quality. The farmers who attended the event were introduced to a range of practical insights on implementing CaTs® and KTS® in their agricultural practices, thereby enabling them to achieve more robust and thriving crops in the future. Through events like these, Tessenderlo Kerley International continues to pave the way for a more sustainable and productive future for farmers around the world.