Recommendations for use K-Leaf®

Recommendations for use of K-Leaf


A minimum 51.5% K2O (42% K) and 46% SO3 (18.5% S) content supplying a very high concentration of nutrients.


  • K-Leaf is compatible with most other soluble and liquid fertilizers within normal concentration ranges, except with those containing calcium, which causes precipitation of calcium sulfate.
  • K-Leaf is also compatible with most pesticides and fungicides.
  • It is recommended that K-Leaf is dissolved first before addition of other fertilizers or crop protection products.


  • Foliar sprays of K-Leaf should be applied when crops are turgid (i.e., either in the evening or early in the morning, but never during the heat of the day).
  • It is recommended to conduct a small-scale trial in order to check the compatibility of the mixture before large scale operation.
  • K-Leaf, being acidic, may enhance the penetration of certain crop protection products
  • In cases where low spray volumes could be an issue with respect to concentration, please consult with your Tessenderlo Kerley International Expert or any other qualified agronomist.


  • Fill the tank with water to at least two-thirds of its capacity
  • Add K-Leaf, taking care not to exceed the maximum recommended concentration.
  • For field, root and leguminous crops it is not recommended to exceed a concentration of 6% of K-Leaf (w/w) in the spray solution.
  • For vegetables crops it is not recommended to exceed a concentration of 4% of K-Leaf (w/w) in the spray solution.
  • For fruit crops it is not recommended to exceed a concentration of 3% of K-Leaf (w/w) in the spray solution.
  • Maintain stirring or agitation throughout the entire operation.
  • Complete the filling of the tank with water
  • Check that the K-Leaf has dissolved completely before injecting the solution into the spraying system.
  • The use of filters is recommended, as is generally advised for most solid fertilizers when used for foliar spraying.
  • Always refer to precautions stated on the bag when using the product
Applications of K-Leaf are general made from flowering onwards – for crop specific details consult the application guide Product unsuitable for human and animal consumption. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Transport: Use only suitable vehicles – product must always remain covered during transport, avoiding contact with other chemical products and foods, especially fuels. If necessary, refer to the safety data sheet. Store K-Leaf in dry, well ventilated conditions, avoiding extreme heat or cold. For more information contact:  Tessenderlo Kerley International, part of Tessenderlo Group, Troonstraat 130 - 1050 Brussels, Belgium Tel. +32 2 639 18 11                                      tessenderlokerley@tessenderlo.com                                           www.tessenderlokerley.com While every care has been taken to ensure that the information here is correct at the time of publication, Tessenderlo Group can neither give any guarantee as to its accuracy nor accept any liability resulting from its use. If in any doubt consult a qualified agronomist. K-Leaf® is a registered trademark of Tessenderlo Group NV/SA.