Recommendations of use for SoluKem


A minimum 51% K2O (42% K) and 44% SO3 (17.5% S) content supplying a very high concentration of nutrients.



  • SoluKem is compatible with most other soluble fertilizers within normal concentration ranges, except with those containing calcium, which causes precipitation of calcium sulfate.
  • SoluKem is also compatible with most pesticides and fungicides.
  • It is recommended that SoluKem is dissolved first, before addition of other fertilizers, especially those containing magnesium.


  • Calculations for specific solution concentrations are provided as follows.
  • A typical scenario is that a nutrient solution (in the irrigation system) of 80 mg K per liter requires a stock solution (in the tank) of 3.78 kg SoluKem per 100 liters of water, injected into the system at a dilution rate of 0.5%
  • The following formulae may be used for calculations

Nutrient solution (K ppm or K mg/l) = 42.3 x concentration of stock solution (kg SoluKem per 100 l water) x % injection rate

Stock solution (kg SoluKem per 100 l water) = 0.0236 x concentration of nutrient solution (ppm K or mg K/l) / % injection rate


  • Fill the tank with water to at least two-thirds of its capacity. With highly alkaline water (pH > 8), it is recommended to first acidify the stock solution before adding SoluKem.
  • Add SoluKem, taking care not to exceed the maximum recommended concentration of 10 kg/100 liters of water (100 g/liter). Maintain stirring throughout the entire operation.
  • Complete filling the tank with water and check product has dissolved completely before injection into the irrigation system.
  • In common with most solid fertilizers used in irrigation systems, the use of filters is recommended.
  • It is highly recommended to conduct a small-scale trial in order to check the compatibility of the mixture before large scale operation and injection into the irrigation system.
  • Always refer to precautions stated on the bag when using the product.

For crop specific details consult the application guide

Product unsuitable for human and animal consumption. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Transport: Use only suitable vehicles – product must always remain covered during transport, avoiding contact with other chemical products and foods, especially fuels. If necessary, refer to the safety data sheet.

Store SoluKem in dry, well ventilated conditions, avoiding extreme heat or cold.

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