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GranuPotasse®The Granular Sulfate of Potash

GranuPotasse is a granular grade of Sulfate of Potash (SOP) ideal for bulk blending with a variety of fertilizers, as well as direct application. Granules are compacted to extreme hardness so that they can be handled and mixed without causing any damage. Additional screening during manufacturing and immediately prior to shipping guarantees uniform granule size and density. Our GranuPotasse formulation also makes it dust-free.


  • GranuPotasse properties enable both early and late application without the risk of leaching or salt damage to the crop
  • Effective for broadcast or side-dress applications
  • Minimum operator exposure to dust particles when spreading GranuPotasse
  • 97% of GranuPotasse particles measure between 1.60 mm and 5.00 mm in size, which ensures a more uniform application
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GranuPotasse in Potatoes

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