solupotasse strawberry

SoluPotasse® is put to optimal use in greenhouse farming


The agronomy and business development teams at Tessenderlo Kerley International not only share their knowledge, they also seize every opportunity to gain additional knowledge themselves. The first weekend of April, several greenhouse growers in the Netherlands opened their doors. A perfect opportunity to see how SoluPotasse® is optimally used by them.

The team visited a strawberry grower, a bell pepper grower and a tomato grower. All growers use potassium sulphate, reducing the amount of nitrate applied and moving the crop from vegetative to more generative growth. Vegetative growth means the plants invest a lot of sugars in the production of leaves and stems, while generative growth invests more sugars in the production of flowers and fruits.

The greenhouse growers grow in different types of substrates. This allows them to better control conditions in the root zone, thereby optimizing nutrient and water uptake.

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