Tessenderlo Kerley International celebrates World Cotton Day!


Happy World Cotton Day! Did you know that cotton is an integral part of our everyday lives? The chances are that you're wearing some right now!

Cotton is grown by approximately 100 million rural households in over 75 countries worldwide. One of the significant challenges in cotton production is salinity, which is the presence of soluble salts in or on the soil. While cotton is relatively salt-tolerant, salinity can still reduce crop yields and harm soil properties. That's where CaTs® comes in!

CaTs® is a liquid fertilizer that can make a big difference in cotton farming:

  • It is a liquid replacement for gypsum.
  • It helps improve soil structure.
  • It reduces sodium levels in the soil.
  • It enhances nutrient uptake.
  • It improves water infiltration.

By incorporating CaTs® into  agricultural practices, you can enjoy higher yields and better soil health in cotton farming. Let's celebrate World Cotton Day by making sustainable choices and supporting innovations such as CaTs® that benefit both farmers and our environment!