News_17 may 2021

CaTs® helps the maturation and thickness of the cotton fiber

A number of benefits have been observed in the maturation of boll and increased cotton fiber fitness

In Chihuahua, Mexico, more and more cotton-growing Mennonites are using CaTs®, calcium thiosulfate, when the end of flowering is at the boll-filling stage.

Pedro Friesen, a grower from the region, explains: “By applying 25 liters per hectare of CaTs® in drip irrigation or 50 liters per hectare in a central pivot, we're able to accelerate the maturation of boll and improve the quality of their fiber with a greater weight and thickness."

Meanwhile, Luis Sotelo, our sales representative, confirmed that when using CaTs®® on alkaline soils it displaces and removes harmful salts that affect the plant (sodium and carbonates) while allowing a better nutrient uptake through the release of blocked macro and microelements. At the same time, the calcium in CaTs improves the structure of the cell wall, contributing to the development of roots, foliage, and fruit.